Cynthia A. (Dohmen) LaConte

Chief Executive Officer

Dohmen Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Dohmen Company Foundation President
2011, Woman Executive of the Year, Biz Times Media
2012, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® for the Upper Midwest

Cynthia LaConte is the CEO of Dohmen, a life science services company focused on reducing the cost and complexity of development, approval and commercialization of products for Life Science innovators. Dohmen propels start-up, mid-tier and Fortune 500 BioPharma, MedTech and Advanced Therapy companies with support services spanning the entire continuum; from pre-approval regulatory consulting to in-home patient services.

After serving as the vice president of procurement for Dohmen’s pharmaceutical wholesaling division, Cynthia created a joint venture in 1995 called DDN/Obergfel. Based in Memphis, DDN brought a new, outsourced distribution model to vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies looking for a way to preserve capital. In 1996, she facilitated the acquisition of Obergfel and founded DDN Pharmaceutical Logistics, serving as DDN’s President until 2006, when she was named COO of The F. Dohmen Co.

As COO, she advanced the sale of Dohmen’s $2 billion wholesale division, reorganizing the company post-transaction and redefining its strategy. With a vision of creating a more efficient, affordable and accessible healthcare supply system, she took the helm as CEO in 2009, building an entirely new company dedicated to supporting the industry shifting paradigm of personalized medicine.

Grounded in a sense of purpose that spanned over 150 years, and using her extensive experience in strategic planning, entrepreneurship and change management, Cynthia brought new life to the fifth-generation, family-owned company. Since 2009, Dohmen has acquired five life science service companies, increased its revenue by over 30%, and become a trusted partner to more than 600 drug and device companies by providing services that more closely connect life science innovators with the patients they serve. With more than 650,000 square feet of facility space and 800 employees in WI, TN, CA, MO, CO and Israel, Dohmen processes more than $9 billion in transactions annually and touches more than 16 million consumers.

In 2008, Cynthia also founded the Dohmen Company Foundation as another way to walk the talk of Dohmen’s values system. Each year a percentage of Dohmen’s profits fund the Foundation, and in four years, Dohmen has given more than $9 million, connecting 123 million people to lifesaving healthcare products and services.

Personally Speaking – Name one thing about you that not many people know:
“I can be impatient. Okay, so some people might already know that about me! I can’t get to the future fast enough. In school, I was the geeky kid in the front row of the classroom who always had her hand up in the air asking why. I’m still that way. I’ve found the best way to grow is to be a sponge. Don’t be afraid to ask people how they do things today and how they wish they could do things tomorrow. It’s a great source of inspiration. Learning is the only way to invent new possibilities.”

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