our history

Almost 160 years strong and we still innovate like a start-up. Every step of the way, we’ve been committed to a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience. Here is our story.


First Generation


The U.S. pharmaceutical field was largely unregulated, fraught with incompetence and quack remedies. The Dohmens would change that.


Friedrich W. Dohmen

In 1858, a German immigrant, Friedrich W. Dohmen, opens Wisconsin’s first wholesale drug store in Milwaukee. His training and commitment to quality and integrity quickly set him apart and customers took notice.

Friedrich W. Dohmen

A disastrous fire would cripple most new businesses, but not us. We continue to serve customers while rebuilding and reopening with better, more modern operations.

Setting Standards

Taking on leadership roles at city and state levels, we help establish first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical standards, eventually expanded nationwide.


A booming time for American business, new railroad networks and telephone services mean better operations for us and our customers.


Second Generation


By 1899, the business is growing. With our values top of mind, we refuse to carry unsafe “miracle” cures and instead expand our drug manufacturing business based in quality, safety and integrity.

Wholesale Druggists

Deliveries for customers become more efficient as the company starts using trucks. Vroom!


The Great Depression hits, impacting both our clients and our own business. Together, we persevere and within two years the business is back on track.


Third Generation


The country is rebounding. As consumer demand starts to grow, inventory expands, as do wholesale deliveries by truck and now, by rail.

Dohmen Warehouse

Our client needs are evolving and so are we. Our wholesale business adds sundries, such as household items, confectioneries and soda fountain supplies. Think general store.


Following World War II, we focus on the future and bravely invest in new infrastructure and technology for booming wholesale business committed to clients.


Fourth Generation


As a privately held company we focus on long-term growth and make investments in infrastructure and technologies that help our clients grow too!

Warehouse Inside

A new facility boasts modern conveyer belts. Packing and shipping clerks can coordinate orders faster, with fewer errors.


Quality and safety are never more important. We welcome licensed pharmacists to our prescription department to answer client questions.

We expand with more storage, better controls and enhanced logistics. We can give our clients instant feedback on patient compliance, ordering efficiency and billing control.


Advancing ahead of industry needs, we become one of the first wholesalers in the nation to implement computerized inventory control.

No therapy is too complicated. We add advanced temperature controlled storage for its clients’ products.


Fifth Generation


Our fifth generation is focused on innovation for the future. We are now a family of companies committed to creating a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience.

Dohmen Family

Within seven years, nine acquisitions and four divestitures, we have now doubled in size and expanded to seven states.

We create Dohmen Life Science Services, a business process outsourcer (BPO) for drug and device companies, providing the broadest set of services to connect clients more directly with their patients.


Always committed to improving the world around us, we establish the Dohmen Company Foundation. Fueled by company profits and positively impacting over 123 million people’s lives.


Seeing the power of disruptive technology, we add Red Arrow Labs to the family. We’re now creating transformative software for companies transforming health care.

Back in Milwaukee’s Third Ward and only blocks away from the original apothecary, we are proud to be a trusted partner to hundreds of companies - from Fortune 500 to start-up – helping them find efficiencies, obtain more effective health outcomes and improve their customer experience. Friedrich W. Dohmen would be proud.