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Each is unique, but together, the Dohmen family of companies is united in our vision to create a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience.

we are Dohmen.

Technology to fuel progress for life science and health companies.

About Red Arrow Labs

We create transformative technology to transform healthcare. Every piece of software, every mobile application is born from the desire to simplify and improve the state of healthcare.

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Closing the Health Equity Gap through Social Business Investment

About Dohmen Constellations

We invest in self-sustaining solutions that ensure all people have the right to thrive. Our businesses will be designed to address physical, intellectual, economic and social health in a self-sustaining model - focused on a double bottom-line of community impact and financial results.

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Investing in partners who share our vision and values.

About Dohmen Investment Group

We’re fueling the next generation of growth by investing in innovation that drives a more efficient, effective and easy to use health experience. With $150 million under management, we focus on the future.

123 million lives positively impacted around the world.

About Dohmen Company Foundation

We’re advancing social justice by helping people live healthier lives. With $10 million in grants generated from Dohmen Company profits, we will address the health disparities in our communities.

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